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    Default This was pretty funny

    The other night dh told me about a little conversation he had with ds. Basically, ds mentioned he'll have to find a nice girl to marry someday, and of course he'll have to marry a girl since boys can't marry boys. So naturally, dh explained that's not true, you can marry anyone who isn't a relative or under age! And that is something he'll decide when he's older, so don't fret about marriage now. (He's proposed many many times.)

    Anyway thought nothing of it. So then last night as I was putting him to bed, he asked me if I thought that his sister might marry Dora when she grows up. LMAO. I said no honey...she's much older than she looks
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    lol cute

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    That's funny! What goes through kids little heads!

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    So very cute... I love the innocence of young children. My son Daegan has been “married“ to a very lovely older woman (she's 8) for almost three years. They married at her birthday party. She wore a special dress and he gave her a ring pop. lol

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