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    Default selling my house

    We are selling our 1.5 year old home and plan on doing it by ourselves. Is there any advice out there that might help me. Things i should do or shouldn't?

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    Having just sold our house using I have learned a few things...
    Don't negotiate with real estate agents. Some are very nice, but a lot are very pushy! Tell them flat out what you are willing to pay them (a dollar amount or a percentage) and they can take it or leave it.
    Open houses are pointless...
    Stick with your price (provided it is well researched and not too high or too low).

    We sold our house in under two months.

    Take Charge! Take Action! Ask me how easy it is to be your own boss!

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    Default Yes you can tell me where it is

    and how much? But seriously, I would research what houses have sold for recently in your area. We had a home evaluation done and that is one of the things the agent did. De-clutter your house and get the info out there as best you can, Property Guys, Peartree, etc can help, as well as the newspaper, Saturday homes section. I went to one Open House where a neighbour got lots of traffic to his FSBO due to the open house on the street at the same time.
    Make up information sheets, go to the OREA which is the Ont. real estate assoc. website. You can print off form 220 SPIS (seller property information statement) and form 100 Agreement of purchase and sale. These are legal documents so I strongly suggest you and the buyer go to the lawyer before doing the deal. Be honest with all the info on the forms.

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    You do get a lot of nasty agents. I have sold my house for a few weeks now. And I still get calls and mail from Agents.

    Before you start talk about what you will give an agent, or if you will give them anything at all. Are houses selling really well in your area? I find right now is a slow time for selling. But there are still buyers out there. When you have an open house, you will get some agents wanting to come in and look. It's up to you to say yes or no.

    We sold our's for almost full asking, and payed an agent some money. But my husband and I sat down and talked about it before we accepted the offer. You have to have a certain number you want to walk away with.

    Good luck. And Mary congrats on the selling of your home!!
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