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    This article made me think of my kitty who is gone now. I used to get horrible migraines where I would be passed out on the floor and vomitting and all the things that come along with a migraine. She wasn't an affectionate cat most of the time but whenever I was sick she would sit in the bathroom with me and meow and cuddle up next to me. When I was well she normally just ignored me and wanted nothing to do with me (she was such a snob ). I had another cat who would only come and sit with me when I was pregnant- I totally think animals can sense when something wierd is up with the people they know...Anyone else have any experiences like these with their pets?

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    I think cats know things we don't know. Back in some day they were revered as gods and you have to wonder why.
    My cat senses things and lets out this cry that you know something is wrong. A few years ago my other cat pushed the screen out and fell out a 2nd story window and I woke up to my cat screaming and I knew something was wrong. Now he'll do it and I'll get freaked wondering what could be wrong.
    I've also heard of cats saving people by waking them when there are fires or attacking people who break in.
    I think the cat can feel that the person is going to die. I think my cat will know when I'm going to go into labour, I keep asking him but he won't tell

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    You can look at a cat and see it has a soul... like really deep thoughts behind those big eyes. My cats always knew when something was up, when I was pg. etc. My current baby growls only at delivery men/servicemen but not our friends. He lets the kids do just about anything to him without even flinching. He's such a dear soul. He talks all the time, and I know when something is up; I can tell when he's saying Hi to me, or telling me that the kitty litter is too dirty for him (he's picky! the nerve, eh?!).

    I knew he was the right one when I picked him up at the pet store and he hugged me. Seriously reached up with his front legs to each of my shoulders and stuck his head under my chin. I had to have him. We must have been together in a past life.

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    oh how I miss my kitty kats..

    I had two very sweet adorable cats, and they BOTH had incredible personalities.

    Ita with all the above posters.

    My one cat Missy ( short for mischevious sp?) Was hiliarious. She would perch herself on my shoulders and we'd walk around the house.. the damn thing was allergic to plastic. Can you imagine? lol And Smokey... he was my talker.. was always telling stories..

    ahh.. I miss them... They ALWAYS knew when something was up, and were very vocal about it. They were such awesome cats. I miss them so much

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