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    Default Private/public adoptions..

    Can anyone direct me to some sites on adoptions. I want to look at both sides of it. Just not sure what sites are legit or not..

    This is by far NOT a for sure thing to happen, but Dh has said come back to me about it, and I kind of want to information gather a bit first.

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    I know a woman who runs a couple of adoption-related websites: Adoption Connections - Adoption in Canada - Adoption Profiles

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    We adopted our DS as a result of posting our Profile on and are getting ready to register there again next week in the hope of adopting a second child.

    It's a great site that not only provides a place for prospective Adoptive Parents to register their Profiles, but it also provides a tremendous amount of information that you will likely find helpful. They also have a section titled "Adopting in Canada" which details Public and Private, Open or Closed, International or Domestic, etc.
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    We adotped all three of our kids through CAS. They were wonderful and the experience is great. We are not the normal family though. For us it was less then a three year wait to have our children with us. This is b/c they are all bio sibs.

    To get a younger baby you can go on what is called Foster with a view to adopt. It does come with some risk but the worker can explain more to you.

    One nice thing about going through CAS is that there is no charge to adopt. Well just the birth certificate when everything is said and done.

    The number for them is 519-455-9000 I think the ext is 777 I could be wrong though.

    We also looked at international adoption through Open Arms their link is:
    Home Page

    Adoption Council of Ontario
    Adoption Council of Ontario - Homepage

    their is also Adopt ontario:
    AdoptOntario - Home

    Next there is a big conference in Toronto coming up that might interest you as well:
    Adoption Resource Exchange- Metro Toronto Convention Centre Oct 25-9am -4pm

    What is the Adoption Resource Exchange Conference?
    The conference is a semi-annual event hosted by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services that helps locate and match adoptive families with Ontario children needing adoption.

    Who can attend?
    The conference is open to anyone interested in adopting a child from Ontario. However, it is primarily for those who have completed a homestudy assessment through a Children’s Aid Society or an approved private adoption practitioner.
    Onsite registration is required. Pre-registration is not required.

    When and where does it take place?
    Sunday, October 25, 2009
    9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
    Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building
    225 Front St. West

    What resources are available at the conference?
    Children’s aid societies from across the province provide information through videos and display booths about Ontario children in need of adoptive parents.
    Children’s Aid Society adoption workers are available to answer questions about the children presented.
    General information regarding adoption and other services for children and families in Ontario.

    Who can complete an Expression of Interest form regarding a child profiled at the conference?
    Only individuals who have completed a homestudy assessment through a Children’s Aid Society or an approved private adoption practitioner may complete the form.

    Need additional information?
    Contact Theresa Mills at: or (416) 327-4737

    I hope that this helps. Have fun on your wonderful journey. If you need to talk to someone pm me
    Scentsy Rep. on Facebook Perfectly-Scented Scentsy my website

    Fundraising to get our daughter a service dog. please feel free to visit her fundraising page


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    Great, thanks everyone for the information, looks like I have allot of reading ahead of me.

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