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    Default Child care subsidy

    Does anyone know where to find a link to all the subsidies available? The only one I can find is for working families, which would be great but its only for babies born before July 1. TIA

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    I just printed this out and sent it in. A week later I got a letter back from them saying they got it

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    I believe there is the normal subsidy offered through each Region, there is Ontario works childcare subsidy, there are 'special needs' childcare subsidy - for children who have special needs that need access to services that offered through licensed agencys as a priority ... speach and language therapists, behaviour specialists and so forth.

    Info London has some info on places to contact
    Information London - Child Care - Subsidy

    There is Ontario Works - which if you are eligible for that program you can get subsidy through them
    Ontario Works London

    I am not sure who looks after 'St Thomas' though if you have your own office or if you go through London as well?

    Here is Londons regional childcare subsidy info

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