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    Default My sister has a question re: cancer testing

    I told my sister i would ask this question here for her ("what is this place you're talking about ??")

    my sister's FIL is 75. A very strong, VERY active man. Apparently he had a growth on his chest for some time, she's not sure exactly how long. the dr. knew about it and i guess it had been attributed to an injury he had quite a few years ago.

    i guess the mass has increased in size recently and in the past week, his health has suddenly deteriorated quite a bit. his lungs are filling up with fluid and he can do very little activity right now.

    they did an ultrasound and then did a CAT scan and all my sister knows is that the results confirmed a "mass of undetermined size". the scan is being sent to the cancer cenre and they are awaiting a biopsy.

    normally we ask my mom about this stuff because she's an RN, but in this case, he is a patient of the Dr my mom works for so my sister can't ask anything. my sister is mostly wanting to know if the fact that they are sending test results to the cancer centre means that he definitely HAS cancer.

    i have no idea about this first thought was that tests for potential cancers probably all go to the same place (cancer centre) but maybe that's not the case.
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    My understanding (not professional, just personal), is that they would test it for cancer, at the cancer center. Hoping for good results for your sister's FIL.

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    No, not for sure. (and like Amy I can't 100% say this is just what I think based on our experience)

    My Dh had a biopsy done because they thought he had cancer but he was not told for sure he had it untill the results of the biopsy came back confirming that is what it was.

    Some times cancer sounds allot more scary then it is too, my Dh had one of the most treatable ones and it was caught early but he lives a totally normal life once again.

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