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    Smile Why I Love HSing

    I'm feeling some gratitude today so I wanted to share our morning. I love homeschooling because:

    It is 9:25am. Already today we have been up, waited for my only daycare child to arrive. Put out peanuts on our deck and watched the squirrels and the Blue Jays take them and hide them in the grass. Then we went off to our customary weekly treat at Unger's. We each picked out fresh, warm muffins for snack. In the car my son asked why there is salt in the ocean water so we discussed why the ocean has salt and the great lakes do not. After I went through the bank machine drive thru we discussed why it is I have to ensure that the mortgage account has money in it on certain days of the month. On the way home, we noticed a flock of geese only 100 metres from our house. Inside I went to find the always present stale bread in the fridge. We fed the geese as my children laughed at their hissing.

    We have had two interactions with nature, a science lesson, a finance lesson and not a foot was stepped into a formal classroom. I LOVE HSing!

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    What a great morning you have had!! I was feeling the HS love yesterday - we baked, read stories, raked leaves, cleaned out our closets and learned about Costa Rica. Today, I am not feeling well and would welcome the silence of a quiet house but you take what comes.
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    Awesome! Love those days.

    We're just getting dressed. Dd watched a movie while I worked this morning. She just came in an announced that she will be needing a nap today.

    Absolutely no lessons going on here.
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    That's so awesome...gotta love those “teachable moments“!!

    I really love reading everyone's posts about HS because it makes me so excited for hopefully HSing DD when the time comes!
    Mama to TWO little sweetie pies!!

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    ooh ooh my turn my turn!!!! LOL We had that kind of day on Wednesday!! We got up & went to the market for fruit & veggies , picked some little pumpkins & came home & painted them while we had our snack from the market, Caleb asked me why his eyes were blue & matty's were hazel which turned into a HUGE discussion about dominant & recessive genes ...we ended up making a big family tree chart & had a great science lesson out of it!!! THose are the best moments ...that or even better is when DH come's home & my 3.5 year old explains to his Dad why his eyes are “bwown“ so he has “dommiant“ eyes lmao!

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