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    Default How much can postpartum really mess you up?

    I don't know what to think with my mind these days.

    I've struggled with depression my whole life, but even at the lowest moments it would last week or so and I'd get through it on my own and with DHs support.

    DS is now 10months old and I STILL feel like I am in a mental fog. I had this after DD was born and ended up on anti-depressants for PPD when she was 12months. I stopped when she was 2 and up until DS was born could manage on my own.

    I'm starting to think I need the meds again. Is it possible for a pregnancy to just mess me up and I simply need the meds short term to get back on track?

    I'm just lost as to what I am supposed to do, but I know its not fair to my family the way I am acting/feeling towards them.
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    I think if you're concerned, you should definitely go talk to your doctor. Especially with a past history of it.
    Have you talked to your DH about this?

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    Its likely that your hormones and adrenals are out of balance since the pregnancy and therefore affecting mood, anxiety..etc. As your hormones shift, the symptoms change so it could that for you the one year mark makes you most vulnerable. Talk to your doctor. There are also natural ways to manage things and you also have to take a close look at the mind body continuum.
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