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    Default Can I ask a dumb question?

    What is "unschooling?"

    I could look it up, but I have a feeling I would learn more from you ladies.

    I really know nothing about homeschooling at all. It's not something I've ever given much thought to for my own children TBH...but I want to know more about it because I've met a few homeschooling mamas in the past year or so.

    I come from such a mainstream upbringing ...I'm interested in knowing more (and didn't want to hijack a thread!)
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    This is my understanding of unschooling. It is basically child-led learning. Pure unschooling would involved no curriculum, worksheets, etc... and instead allow the child to direct the learning and learn from life and the world around them. You can pull learning resources from anywhere and your goal is to provide opportunities for stimuli and them facilitate the learning process. You might use the library and nature, etc... If your child is really into learning about the weather, then you can use that to study geography, math, and science. You move with your child's interests.

    I consider myself an unschooler and I know that every child, eveyr person learns differently. Some children won't sit down and do a worksheet while another child will sit down and work through a whole book of them in one sitting. To me, unschooling is whatever works for the child and the parent. If a curriculum works, then great. If no structure at all works, then great. Maybe there needs to be a little of both.

    Speaking from a person who was also raised in mainstream schools it is often hard to get past our programming. It isn't the kids who need the inspiration, it's us! Having said that, I have ordered an online Waldorf-inspired curriculum this year to use with my girls. They love crafting and art and Waldorf teaches academics through art and nature. I feel this will work for us. If it doesn't, then we'll find something that does.

    I hope this long answer helps.
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    Unschooling is child led learning. You dont push them to learn subjects they have no interest in and you try to help them push a subject as far as they are interested in it. It differs from homeschooling in that regular homeschoolings means the parent uses a premade curriculum or introduces subject to the child as they see fit.

    Unschooling requires a bit of a leap of faith in the innate human drive to learn. It requires the parent to let go of a lot of conditioning they have about how learning takes place. Some people cant see how it would ever work and its really difficult to try and explain to them how you can not do *work* and yet the children still learn. Not only do they learn all the regular stuff, but more importantly they learn that education isnt something thats done to you, its something you choose to take for yourself. I took a lot of flak for choosing this for my children when they were younger and “behind“ the schedule of the school system.

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