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Thread: Ear infections

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    Question Ear infections

    My LO has had a few ear infections and I was wondering if there is something a chiropractor could do to help prevent them before needing the meds to clear it up.

    Thank you

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    Hello- That is a wonderful question! Yes there is something that chiropractic can do to help out . Ear infections, and repeated ear infections are not fun for any party involved. Many times it is associated with the positioning of the tube and drainage issues. When there is better alignment the ears don't become infected as easily. I have had much success with this in my office with little ones. Proper assessment of the head position, neck musculature and nerve system supply is a must to the inner ear area.

    Hope that helps.

    Dr. Laura
    Dr. Laura
    The advice i give is not meant as solicitation from any current chiropractor. Obviously a full exam is warranted to give full and complete diagnosis. The information I give is just meant as a guide

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