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    Oh Makayla at 11 is almost unbearable. Getting her to pack up her thngs from her room before moving last week was a gong show. I left it until moving day warning her the whole time that whatever she did not pack did not get moved. She left it til the last minute then cried, screamed, stomped and shoved things long enough that when I was gone over to the new place my D(unaware)H packed up her room for her '

    SHe went from bad to worse on moving day til finally her ever admiring all loving godmother ... Gave her a lecture about her behavior.... of course this ended with " Minda hates me now" "I hate moving " Everyone is mean to me" " This sucks" hmmmmmmmmmmm what a long couple of days... Everyone was pretty hard on Makayla because she was a really big pain in the backside with her drama!!! I actually almost started to feel a bit sorry for her at the end of it. I think she picks up on this and then really whines to me.

    Makayla has really started to develope in the last 6 months and is now wearing a bra and I have taught her all about feminin products ect. This is a really hard time for us as Mother and Daughter. I try to make sure that no matter what I say or what she says I always end our dissagreements, discusions ect , with I will always love you even if I don't like the way you are acting. I will always for the rest of my life and yours be your Mom

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    Wow! Thanks for sharing. It's so nice to hear that I'm not alone. And my daughter isn't being abnormal. It's just sure hard to take.

    Honestly my daughter's almost the other end with our move; she wanted to help with EVERYTHING. Except for now it's two weeks in the new house and she hasn't UNpacked her room. She's always underfoot wanting to help with stuff she just can't help with, and she's driving me batty. LOL it could be worse I suppose.

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