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    Default Ahh my monthly massage is tomorrow!

    I have for years have gotten a monthly relaxation massage for preventive care but since we have moved to our new house at the end of May, I have not made the time to get one. Well I finally asked my Mom to babysit as weekends just do not seem to work to get DH to look after DS1 and DS2. Now I cannot wait until tomorrow morning and I am getting a 90 minute massage since I skipped a month as it is covered under our extended health plan (60 minutes x 12m). I really do miss not having my little indulgence once a month if you can call a massage that.

    I would just say that to check out your extended because you may be surprised that you are entited to this. When DH and I lived in Vancouver, we were able to get a 20 minute monthly free massage on the government and then extended would pay for the remaining 40 minutes.
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    I hate you.

    (....frantically looking up our insurance coverage lol)

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