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    Default Reoccurnig back muscles stiffness.

    I threw my back out when I was in grade 9, I saw a chiro. twice a week for 6 months, and then once a week, it helped alot. After having my first son, I noticed the muscles in my mid back would get really stiff and ache. After my last c section in May, I wake up with this pain at least 3 times a week, I can't do anything to help with the pain, sitting, standing, laying, nothing helps. I went to a walk in and the dr. told me other than taking robax (which didn't help) there was nothing further she could suggest, is there really nothing to help with this pain? I'm only 25 and if it hurts this bad now, I don't want to get any older. Please help, I'm at my wits end!

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    Hello- First off it would be essential to find out why and where the body ,and its structures ,are holding stress and tension. This can have occurred because of numberous experiences ,or stresses, in our life over the years of our life . If the body couldn't process these stresses ( or any stress on our body) fully or at all ,the body stored it for learning and processing at another time. The adjustment process helps the body learn where its tension patterns are and help move the stress through the body not remain stored in the body. Where there is stored stress in the system a myriad of things can happen- one this is for certain the body will be FUNCTIONING at a lower level. Pain MAY be one symptom of stored stress in the system. The pills prescribed are meant to block the pain not find anything out or deal with what is causing the pain in the first place. Many times they don't work and come with side effects on the body in other areas. It is not my job to prescribe or not prescribe pills. Investigating chiropractic care COULD give you some answers and help. A full consultation would be suggested.
    Dr. Laura
    The advice i give is not meant as solicitation from any current chiropractor. Obviously a full exam is warranted to give full and complete diagnosis. The information I give is just meant as a guide

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