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    Default YAY !!!! Homeschooling!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay I have to just profess my love to the world !!!LOL Caleb is amazing!! I told some of you recently I was planning on stopping or giving a break from learning this summer ...Caleb won't have it lol nor will Matthew! I said to him the other day "Alright do you want to take a break from learning for some of the summer of no?" he says " why would I want to do that? I just got my new Treehouse book! I want to use it for reading comprehension!" LOL & "I want to learn about tornados while I actually have a chance to see one in the summer!" LMAO All from a SIX year old's lips !!!I love it -we ordered our Sonlight kit for next year & I can't wait for it to get here! Caleb's so excited & I ordered the PreK one for Matty!!!!

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    How wonderful that they're so keen to continue -- that must make you feel good about your choices!

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    Cool. I'm glad to hear it's going so well, and that everyone is so happy.
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