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    Default Numbness and tingling in limbs...

    I'm wondering whether chiropractic care would be able to help with migraines that are accompanied by major neck stiffness and tingling in the limbs and face. I've had plenty of testing and a CAT scan, but nothing was found. Medical doctors are puzzled so far. I'd love to have your input, even knowing that I would obviously need a full chiropractor exam to get firm answers. Is this something you've dealt with before?


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    Hello- A chiropractors goal is to reconnect the physical body with the essence that continuosly runs and reguates the body. If there is anything compromising that system or putting stress on that system the whole body may be manifesting symptoms. A full and complete exam , you are right, would be essential to find out if the body has gone through experieces or stresses it could not fully integrate and has in response, created a subluxation. Headaches, migraines, numbess, tingling, altered sensation are all symtoms that have been assisted with chiropractic care.
    Dr. Laura
    The advice i give is not meant as solicitation from any current chiropractor. Obviously a full exam is warranted to give full and complete diagnosis. The information I give is just meant as a guide

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