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    Default Patterns-Cross Stitch, Knit, Crochet....

    I just thought I'd give a heads-up in this forum. I used to have a store on eBay selling all sorts of craft patterns, and am now selling off all of my stock. I have hundreds of patterns books, some brand new, some as old as 1920. There are knitting, cross stitch, crochet, iron-on tranfers, sewing patterns, jewelry patterns, bead work, ribbon embroidery patterns, (to name a few) and quite a few kits that include thread and cloth.

    The books will be 25 cents each!!! The kits $1-2 dollars!!!

    We're having a garage sale this Saturday morning (June 9th), so if you are into crafts...grab a friend and come get some amazing patterns. My hubby will be selling off all sorts of things- boat motor, spray washers, and other assorted man stuff (lol!), so you could always tell your hubby you were just thinking of him

    We are west of London, take #2 (Wharncliffe past Lambeth), go through Delaware, up the big hill and look for the sign at the corner of Muncey Rd.

    I would love these patterns to go to good homes, and be sure to say hello when you get here!!!

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    have anything with dragons or fantasy style pictures on them?

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    Yes I have cross stitch patterns by Teresa Wentzler (sp?). Dragons and castles off the top of my head!

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    I also have baby dinosaurs, great for young kids.

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