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    Default Renting and house for sale

    I am renting an apartment in a house. A few months after I moved in the landlord decided to sell. There is a sold sign on the house as of recently.
    I am wondering a few things: does the lease roll over to the new landlord or do I have to sign a new one? If the new owner decides to move in and have me move out, do I still get the 2 months notice or does that not apply if they are new owners? Also what happens to my last month's rent?
    I am asking because my landlord will not return my calls or respond to the written letter I sent him. I am not sure if you'd know all of the answers but any help is very appreciated!
    Thank you

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    It would depend on what your lease agreement states but typically when the property is sold the lease continues for the duration of the agreement. The landlord may want you to vacate at the end or may wish you to continue on.

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