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    Default Upgrading heaters worth it?

    We live in an apartment style condo. that we're looking to move out of within the year.

    I believe the electric baseboard heaters are originals (building is 23 years old), and have been painted several times, and look outdated. Without seeing the place, do you think it would be worthwhile upgrading the heaters? Buy new, or refinish?

    Almost always there is at least one condo. for sale in this complex (investors selling likely accounts for the majority of that), so there is competition. I think perhaps new heaters may not increase the value of the property, but may improve it's saleability.

    Also, it might help to know we already have a leg up over most units here because of newer appliances (including dishwasher, fridge, ceramic-top stove with convection oven and ensuite washer and dryer), some laminate, refurbished washroom, neutral in-style wall colours etc.. I guess I just don't know if the effort of upgrading heaters will be worthwhile for us in the end (because clearly we've spent a whole lot already).

    Sorry for the run-on post, and thanks for your insight.
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    Is it possible to repaint the heaters to make them so they blend in a bit more to the wall/baseboard?

    The upgrades that you have mentioned sound great. I don't think I would go to the expense of replacing them all (without seeing your home). In comparison to a furnace they are a lot more affordable to replace and if they are truly that bad you could always replace the one in the living room if its highly visable and paint out the rest.

    Also regarding the competition within the building, keep in mind if the bulk of the units that go up for sale are ones that are rentals (investments) more than likely they will not show as nicely as a unit that is owner occupied. This is because owners tend to keep their homes more updated and well kept.

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