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    Default Weird Blood results

    Ok, so I got back Brits blood work from yesterday. Her Ferritin levels are SKY rocketing high...490 when normal high is 2something...

    Her lymph and neutrophil counts are low (they are normally normal so it's not neutropenia)...Her AST is 89 which is slightly high and her Alkaline phosphate is low at 96 (normal low is 195)...

    She has a rash on her trunk this am...took her to the doctors and the diagnosis was virus taking into consideration her viral pneumonia xray done earlier this week..

    It's been a week now of her not eating anything but breastmilk..she's slightly dehydrated...i"m just getting so tired. I know she's teething but would this honestly cause her blood work to be out of wack???

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    Sorry, I can't help but sending hugs your way. We had a sick baby last week and I know how tiring it is. I hope gets well with your DD soon.

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