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    Default Pregnancy & weight gain

    Being a bigger person to start out this pregnancy, i figured that like my other pregnancies, i would drop 20 lbs, and then gain that back towards the end of the pregnancy. Since i am on diclectin to control the morning sickness, im not actually throwing up anymore, unless i have a really bad. Anyways at my last Ob appt, i was weighed, and had gained back 2 lbs, from the weight lost. Being on the bigger side already, i really dont want to gain a whole lot, because i am afraid of not being able to lose it afterwards. What is a healthy amount of weight for a bigger person to gain? and how can i stay in that range? I should add that since i still am dealing with morning sickness, i cant eat any meat, anything heavy, or anything at night, other than some fruit.
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    I'm heavier too but it's my first pregnancy. I didn't lose any weight because my appetite has remained pretty hearty. I am approaching my 32 week and have only put on 8 pounds. I can't say I am doing anything in particular and I thought I would put on more with the amount I am eating.

    I do walk for about 30 minutes a day - pretty leisurely with my dog. I eat when I am hungry and try to avoid junk food but treat myself now and again.

    I would check with your OB/midwife as the range for weight gain depends on your BMI.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

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    My experience was abnormal....I gained 90 poinds with my first. It ended up being a thyroid issue. Still dealing with it
    Being aware is a good thing it will help you eat well, and give you the extra oomph to take it off when you are done. Heck whats a few pounds for a healthy babe?

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    My Dr told me that as long as I was eating healthy when I could (meaning when I wasn't puking) that no weight gain was OK since I was about 30 lbs overweight to begin anyway.

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    "They" say 15 - 25 lbs if you start the pregnancy overweight. But hey, we're all different, right?

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    I would say have fruits and veggies be the main part of any meal. That is what I have done. I have also limited carbs later on in the day. I eat carbs for breakfast and some for lunch. But, I gained A LOT the first pregnancy, and it took me a couple years to take it off. I was not going to do that again!

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    eat halthy during your pregnancy but don't get too worried about weight gain, i gained a ton with my first and lost it all. have a bit to lose now with the second, but it will come.

    it's just weight, it can be lost.
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