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    Default Foods to help with milk production????

    A friend of mine is looking for mainly snack ideas to help with milk production..I told her I would check with you ladies to see what you ladies have for ideas
    Becky Mom to X and C

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    Steel cut oats...not really a snack...I guess you could make granola bars

    Oatmeal will help, the least processed works best.

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    My first question would be whats going on that she needs to boost her supply? Its quite common for mothers to think there is a problem when there really isnt in many cases.

    At times, mothers are unnecessarily alarmed about their milk supply. They may not be aware of the normal process of breastfeeding. For example, by about the time a baby reaches 6 weeks to 2 months in age, mother's body has learned how much milk to make. Around this time, many women no longer feel "full." In addition, baby may be only nursing for five minutes at a time. These are not signs of decreased milk supply. They simply mean that both mother and baby are becoming more adept at breastfeeding. Mother's body has adjusted to the requirements for her baby and baby has become very efficient at removing the milk.

    Some mothers become concerned about their milk supply if their baby begins to have fewer bowel movements. By about 6 weeks after the birth, colostrum is no longer present in a mother's milk. So this may mean that baby's bowel movements will decrease to one every day or even a few times each week. This is normal.

    Another age-related "false alarm" is that babies will experience several "growth spurts" in the first few months of life. Generally, these occur around two to three weeks, six weeks and three months of age or they may happen at any time. These are days when baby wants to nurse longer and more frequently to build up mother's milk supply. Follow baby's lead on this by letting him breastfeed as often and as long as he wants. This will help bring up milk supply quickly. The breasts work on the law of supply and demand. The more baby "tells" mother's breasts to make milk, the more milk she will have.
    If she's still concerned, here is a link for the above bit that also has information about increasing supply:

    LLLI | How Can I Increase My Milk Supply?

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    Yes more oatmeal (non microwaved) but the main thing is a good diet, eating often through the day with plenty of protein and good fats and LOTS of water. Always have a glass with you.
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