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    Default Advice for returning to work/school/etc? (long)

    Wasn't too sure where to post this so this seemed like a decent place. I am trying to get my life together and figure out what I want to do when my maternity/parental leave runs out.

    Situation before I got pregnant: First year at Kings College for Sociology and Criminology double major. Ended up failing 2 full year courses (due to pregnancy sickness) and being on probation the following year, but didn't end up going back this year because of Madden. Was also working at Giant Tiger and Tim Horton's, but ended up quitting Giant Tiger near the end of my pregnancy.

    So, I have no idea what I want to do come September and really don't want to think about it but know that I have to figure something out. I really don't want to go back to working at Tim Horton's, and it's so hard to find a job right now. Plus, I'm a single parent and working at minimum wage almost half of every pay check is going to go towards child care. I've already applied for subsidized child care but I'm obviously not going to rely on that with the economy being the way it is. So I have no idea what I'm going to do, where I'm going to work... I really don't want to be on Ontario Works if I don't have to be.

    The school situation, I am not sure if I want to go back to Kings. I know that I am interested in Sociology and Criminology but have no idea what I want to eventually do as a career with that. Also, going back to Kings would provide a financial problem as I can only be a part time student because of the probation, and therefore would have very limited osap. My other option was the Law Clerk program at Fanshawe. But the problems here are; it may be too late to apply now, my program may be full for the fall, i may not be able to get osap because i've already gotten it for another program that's unfinished, and the child care situation again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me regarding what to do next year about school, work, or child care?
    I am so lost right now.
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    First of all, good for u for wanting to go back to school when u have a baby. I was very apprehensive about it when I did it in Sept. but I'm very glad I did. I did my undergrad at King's and thought it was ok there, but I didn't love my program. Is there someone there you could talk to? Financial aid, ombudsperson, registrar's office, etc. and explain your situation and try to figure something out for funding?
    You could maybe call the UWO daycare centre and see if what the wait list is like and if u could get a spot there for Sept. I didn't call last summer until about June and the wait was huge by then.
    If you are really interested in the Law Clerk program I would go into Fanshawe and talk to someone there. I'm not sure about that program specifically but my DH went to talk to someone last Aug. and there were still spots open in several programs that he was considering.
    Dunno if any of this helps! Good luck with your decisions!

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    Whatever you do remember that you are doing it to get ahead for both of you in the end. Osap as a single parent is more than as a regular student, you get money for childcare as well normally. I do not think it is too late to register for Fall, why not call and see if you can talk to a guidence counsellor? Nothing ventured nothing gained. I did my ECE at Lambton as a single mom with a 2 yr old, and do not regret a single moment as it was for both of us.

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