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    Default What sling to get?

    Alright, I will admit I know nothing about slings! I had a baby bjorn with Carter that I think I may of used once, but I really didn't like it.

    I'm thinking a wrap/sling, whatever they are called, will be useful with #2 to keep my hands free..

    I'm not really concerned with price, I just want one that is good, and easy, and pretty

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    I had both, a wrap & a sling. The wrap is amazing for young babies, the sling, I loved when she was able to hold her head up. The kangeroo hold was awesome.
    I have a hotsling & loved it!

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    I asked the same question a little while ago and got SUCH great info from everyone here!

    I had a cuddlewrap for my was great when he was really little, but i did find that the fabric stretched when he was in it and i'd have to keep adjusting and tightening it. But it was great for a little while.

    So far I have a mei tei for DD---and so far i love it. it has more of a structure to it so there isn't as much to the wrapping as there was with the cuddlewrap...but it will hold her in newborn position (at the front with her legs tucked under her)...then i can let her legs and arms out, like with the bjorn....then i can have her facing out later on and use it as a back carrier. love it so far and the fabric is nice and strong.

    i want to buy a sling too, just for when she's a bit bigger and i'm more 'on the go'.
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    I have an UpMama sling. They have a website with videos. I love my sling...its easy to transport etc and DS sits in it now with no issues......

    good luck.

    I know that Vesta has "baby wearing days" which is about one saturday a month. You can go and try may different slings and get lessons on how to use them etc...and they have LOTS of different kinds


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    I have 2 slings,

    I use my ring sling when they're younger, its natural for them, they're in the laying position, and they're still close enough to hear your heartbeat.

    Then I have the mei tai for when they get a bit older and can hold up their heads a little better anyways. I have back problems, and although the mei tai CAN get a little painful, it takes MUCH longer than it does with anything else I tried for the older babes, and the ring sling doesn't hurt at all!

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    I had no luck with the RS myself.
    Try a moby wrap if you want a wrap, or a nice woven. (that's what I currently use). I am switching to a mei tei, and I'm sure I will be singing it's praises soon enough

    check the link in my siggy for the UTM catty - you will find moby's and mei teis in the catalogue- same price or less as some of the local shops

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    What do you want to use it for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamabear View Post
    What do you want to use it for?
    Carrying here baby, what else??? some people hehe!

    That is a very good question! Are you going to be doing long walks? Or short in-and-out trips?

    I'd also ask about how fast the first little guy grew because as they get bigger you're more likely to want something over both shoulders for longer periods of time and, well, I had a chunky baby so that was really soon!

    Do you mind a learning curve? Will you use something you need to tie and adjust, or do you want all buckles? Just for you or something that can be adjusted for other people as well?

    There are TONNES of great options out there! I'm sure with all the people on here we can find you the right one!

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    I love my slings!
    -you can nurse in them and nobody can tell.
    -you can wear them from newborn through toddlerhood.
    -you can hold them in tons of different positions.
    -the open tail provides shelter from rain, sun, bugs, and prying eyes.
    -the tail is the perfect burp's always there!
    -you can pee in a public bathroom without putting your baby on the floor!
    -you can eat with a knife and fork!
    -you can nurse while grocery shopping and use the entire cart for groceries!
    -go for romantic sunset walks with dh, and baby in the sling.
    -your dh will never look more attractive to you than when he slings your lo...
    ok, you get the idea
    Check out my website, there are lots of photos of me and my babies demonstrating tons of different carries.
    I'd love to meet at Vesta Resource & Wellness Centre :: St. Thomas, ON to give you a lesson!
    Happy slinging!
    Looking for a comfortable, beautiful, inexpensive, locally made ring sling to carry your little one???
    Try mine!
    My Zen Baby Slings: Parenting By the Heart
    Check out all our new Spring/Summer fabrics!

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