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    Default Tell me about London midwife groups

    Okay, so I’m getting a little ahead of myself since we’re still just TTC.

    I’ve been doing the comparison between an ob and a midwife. I’m leaning towards midwife because I’d like to have a drug/intervention free labour and delivery. I also like the concept of informed consent, rather than thou-shall-do-what-the-almighty-ob-says.

    However, all of my research is for midwives in general and not any of the local groups. I’m wondering if anyone could give me some info on the local groups:

    Where do they have privileges? St Joes? Vic?
    At what point do they take you on? In the first trimester? later?
    What are the wait lists like? Should I expect to be taken on, or should I prepare myself for the possibility of having an ob?
    What about any in term care, like a dating u/s, can I still see my GP for that?
    Anything else I need to consider??

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    London Midwives have privlidges at both hospitals here.

    To get in you need to call and book your spot the day you see that ++ on a stick, and even than you may end up on a wait list lol.

    Midwives set you up with all your U/S and blood work, anything an OB would do for a normal pregnancy a midwife will do.

    I highly recommend taking the midwife route. I had an OB for the first four months when I was pregnant with my DD. I spent more time sitting in the waiting room than actually seeing a Dr. and I say a Dr. cuz I only met the OB once, all other visits were with students.

    Good luck in your TTC!!
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    I did the ob thing with my first two and have a midwife for this one. I would recommend a midwife!! As Mommymanda said, call as soon as you get the positive. I was lucky, got a call back from both and went with Thames Valley Midwives.

    They start seeing you from the beginning so you get to establish a relationship. They'll have you see a few other midwives, just in case you go into labour when your midwife is off (they get one weekend off a month), so you'll actually at least have met the person delivering your baby which of course is so often not the case with the ob.

    You can have your birth at the hospital or home (Thames Valley has privileges at St. Joes) and the informed consent is wonderful!

    Let me know if there is anything else you wanted to know. I never had a bad ob experience, just decided I wanted an umedicated birth and it was hard for me to do in a hospital setting.
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    Good luck! Unfortunately you'll likely end up on a wait list but don't let that discourage you - I was on a waiting list for my 2nd child (my first with a midwife) and I was called a few weeks later. With my 3rd child, I was automatically a client .

    I was with midwives at Womancare and I loved them all so much. I wish they were part of my ongoing health care.
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    Women Care has privileges at St Joes & Vic. And if you live in the St. Thomas area, there's Talbot Creek Midwives & their privileges are at St. Joes & St. Thomas Elgin General.
    I had midwives from each office for my pregnancies. Both were awesome...I'd totally go with a midwife, never an OB (unless I had to).

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    I was with the Talbot Creek Midwives in St. Thomas. Like all of the local midwives, they book up quickly because they have a very small number of clients. They do actually recommend that you call when you are trying. I called the day after I got a positive test result and got the last spot! They usually book your first appointment around 8 weeks and you see them for everything routine - dating and all other ultrasounds, genetic testing, diabetes test (if it's positive I think you get referred to an OB for further testing, but still stay as a midwife patient).
    Midwives will see you through your entire pregnancy AND postpartum. I ended up having a c-section because my baby was breech and although I was transferred to an OB the midwives still attended the birth and were the primary care givers for the baby (rather than him seeing a paediatrician and having the initial stuff done by nurses). Midwives are actually awesome if you have a c-section or episiotomy because their first few visits are at your home. My midwife actually took my staples out in my own bed on day 5. Way better than dragging your recovering self and baby in to an OB's office only to sit in the waiting room for an hour! I didn't know about any of these benefits before I chose to have a midwife.
    I would highly recommend a midwife. They actually have time for you (many of my appointments were over 30 minutes in length), you get to know them well before you have the baby, and they obviously love what they do, which makes for a very positive experience! The big difference between OBs and midwives is that OBs are basically there to catch your baby (if they make it - often the nurses are your only birth attendants) whereas midwives are there to support you as you give birth (no matter how long it takes!). In both scenarios the OB is available to step in if anything goes wrong.

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