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    Default Venting about Bus Route!

    OK... so they started today to do construction on the main bus route at the end of our street. In order for the bus to stay as close to the route as possible, they are now going down our street. However... they are not just driving down our street, they are RACING down our street at speeds that IMO are unsafe. I think that it is because there are no stops so they think they can go faster.

    This is a huge concern for me. This construction is supposed to be happening until September (NOT impressed about that either! ) and I am worried to have my kids outside through the summer with a bus flying by every 5 mins! (there are 2 different routes coming down here now I believe so it is often!) Our street is FULL of children... almost every house has at least one or two and they are outside all the time. It is a really quiet street in Old South and I am sad and angry that it has become this through-way now and will affect my kids summer.

    Any suggestions? Is it worth calling the LTC?? Would they change the route if enough of us complained? Or would I get the usual, "there is nothing we can do"?

    TIA for listening to my rant.
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    Unfortunately I doubt they would change the route, but I would certainly call and voice your concerns over their speed on a residential street with a lot of kids.
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