I'm at my wits end here folks. DS has been up every hour or less for the past week. I think he might be getting a cold but he was doing this even before he was sick (obviously I won't restrict night nursing while he's ill) but anyways with my DH being unemployed currently he suggested now might be the time to nightwean him (after he's better). I'm not sure I want to totally nightwean him since he seems to do a lot of feeding at night.
We've been trying the NCSS for about a month now with no progress, in fact, we seem to be going backwards! I really do like the book and it worked well for us when DS was younger but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.
It used to be I could just get up and take DS back into my bed and I'd doze while feeding him. Now I am having problems dragging my butt out of bed even though DS is crying . I just can't seem to wake up! And if I let DS fall asleep with the nipple in him mouth he starts chewing on it which is always a rude awakening for me
We tried cosleeping as a temporary fix but DS attacks me if I sleep next to him. He doesn't sleep, wants to play and play means biting mommy's chin and pulling mommy's hair and kicking mommy's ribcage :S.
I just don't know what to do at all.
8 months seems so young for nightweaning. I'd be more comfortable with it if he was a year old.
I just wish there was some way to reduce his night wakings from like 12 to just 2 or 3.