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    Default Anyone want to make a little pocket money?

    I would have put this in the classifieds section but it doesn't seem to let me....

    Is anyone around here familiar with a serger and want to make a few extra dollars? I have some work that I need done and I wanted to post here and give you ladies first shot.

    Basically, I want you to serge something VERY VERY simple for me, and I would pay you for each item that you completed. All I really need you to do is finish edges. Depending on your speed you will make between 8.00 (lowest) to 20.00 (highest) per hour - mostly somewhere in between. I wasn't joking when I said that minimal serging experience is required - it is REALLY easy work.

    I would provide:

    Cut fabric
    Availability for any machine/product support

    You would provide:
    Your time

    You can use my machine for any other projects that you have underway. It would remain in your possession until you no longer wanted to work with me anymore.

    You can most likely do this with children around - so no babysitting/daycare required.

    At the moment you would have to do this at your home. In the next month, we will have set up a sewing station in our commercial laundry facility, so working out of the home is a possibility in the near future.

    PM me or shoot me an email if you are interested - I would like to set something up before the weekend.
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