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    Default memory quilt advice

    Anyone ever make a memory quilt from old clothing?

    My friend is ending her marriage and needs to get rid of a lot of things and declutter their house to get it ready for sale. She gave me her DD's old clothes to sort through to see if I wanted any. Anyway, I have pulled out a collection of about 30 Northern Getaway sweatshirts with cats on them. Her DD loves cats and she really did like these shirts. I have the idea to cut the sweatshirts into quilt blocks and make them into a memory quilt for her to keep. I have never made a real quilt before just flannelette rag quilts. I am trying to figure out how to put it together. I am leaning against not putting sashing between the blocks. I am thinking the sleeves could make an interesting border. Also, 11 shirts have a small pic on the back and 4 backs would make full size quilt blocks. Then there are the other backs that are plain.

    Any suggestions welcome. Any recommendations for the backing or dealing with a thick fabric top. At this point I think I would be tying it vs. quilting. I am considering making the quilt for a double bed.

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    I have no idea. I've only made a rag quilt and it is very forgiving because it does not have to be perfectly stitched. It sounds like a great thing to do for your friend. I'd love to see pics when you are done

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