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Thread: Moving on up!

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    Default Moving on up!

    Oh dear, I've just realized that my son now falls into this category (up from the Fabulous 4's etc..) because he turned 6 on the weekend.

    Anyway - although he and his younger sister drive me crazy - I've just downloaded a song called "I wanna drive the Zamboni" from iTunes and I turn around to see DS sitting in his pooh chair (which he has totally outgrown!) with his hands on an imaginary steering wheel, saying that's he's driving a Zamboni. I also found the "Hockey Night in Canada in Canada" theme song and he has turned his hockey stick into an air guitar - very funny...

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    Are you sure he isn't related to MY dh? If I have to hear the Zamboni song or Stompin' Tom's "Hockey Night" song one more time, he's gonna start sleeping in the yard.
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