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Thread: Clomid?

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    Default Clomid?

    this might be a really silly question but i have always wondered what clomid is?? i have tried to look it up!

    is it a pill that you take while your on your period for a certain amount of days?

    what else can you tell me about it?

    how can you tell if you need it?

    just wondering ladies, i have just read a lot of you ladies have used it or know someone that has!!!!

    Mom to Ben, Jonathan and Zachary

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    here ya go.. this will explain it better than I can..

    a fertility Dr would prescribe it for you. HTH!!

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    I was on clomid when ttc with IUI. I had my first IUI drug free, and it didnt work. When I was being monitored for the second one, it was found that I didn't ovulate at all. So, I was introduced to 50 mg clomid. I can't remember exactly when I took it.. I think it was day 3 to day 7, but don't quote me on that. It allowed me to produce 2 mature follicles, as opposed to 1 or none withouth it.
    With the 8th (and magical) IUI, I went up to 100mg clomid and gonal f injects.
    It's usually the first step when treating infertility. There's lots written about it on line.
    foximama has all ready given you a link. Here's another from S.O.F.T. which is the infertility clinic here in London (southdale)
    Good luck

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    Clomid basically makes you ovulate. You take it on either day 3-7 of your cycle or day 5-9 of your cycle, whatever your Dr. suggests. I took it many times on day 3-7 or day 5-9. There are downfalls to it, such as thinning the lining of your uterus, so if you do ovulate, if your lining is too thin, it won't allow an embryo to implant. In this instance, you can take Estrace (a little pill that you take orally or insert vaginally) or Progesterone (again, either orally or vaginally). I've taken both, and vaginally, never orally. Everytime I took it I seemed to ovulate. You can check for ovulation by doing either a progesterone level on day 21-23 of your cycle, or you can have a vaginal ultrasound to check if you have any follicles, or you can check your LH level by doing bloodwork everday starting on day 10 of your cycle.

    Just thought of might find more info you search under "Clomiphene" which is the actual term for clomid.

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