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    Default Resources for Single Moms

    I just thought I would make a sticky so that we can keep adding helpful websites or other resources for those of you parenting on your own.

    This one was recommended by someone I know who says they are fantastic.

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    Merry Mount!

    If your a young (young (under 20 lol) mom... Betheda Center

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    Created by a family lawyer and it requires a $50/yr registration fee. This provides a place to submit all your financial disclosure, expenses, etc in an organized fashion that is always accessible between former partners. I have not used it yet but it came recommended by my lawyer. It is supposed to eliminate the “(s)he never told me“ issue.

    Home // Solution to Your Support Payment and Family Responsibility Office (FRO) Problems

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    Default single mother help!

    Single women in motherhood are an active group contact (519)432-5454 we hold meetings for moms to come and vent/get support! Give us a call to register and come out to the next meeting!

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