They have a bunch of stuff at the back (near the pop and the end of that row by the freezers) on clearance. The best things I saw were:

Christie crackers $0.99 (the lady said they were overstocked so trying to clear out a bit)

Tampax Pearl small packages on for $0.79 - I had brandsaver coupons expiring in the next days for $1.00 off (I used two coupons for three packages) - The women's shelters I'm sure could always use stuff like this!

At the front they had a bunch of diapers, mega packs, on for $9.99 for brand name and $7.99 for life brand. I saw size 1, 4, 6 in the brand name diapers. They also had pull-ups (definitely 2T-3T). They're on a cart by the front cash.