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    Default Need an energy boost!

    I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and nursing my 15 month old DS. I am completly exhausted beyond words. I just need to catch a break. I nap for an hour when he naps, I sleep around 9 hours a night (with getting up with DS) and am eating healthy. I just don't know what to do. My goal was to Breastfeed until 18 months but if weaning will help me during the day then maybe I should? Yesterday I could barely feed DS lunch and play wit him. I looked up La Leche League and will hopefully go to the meeting next week. Is there any other solutions other than weaning? Hopefully second trimester will be better? I don't know...

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    Are you getting enough Iron? It can be hard to get enough in our diets and even harder when nursing and pg. How about protein? Also make sure you are drinking a ton of water - it is so easy to become dehydrated and it will effect your energy levels.

    I encourage you to go to a La Leche meeeting. I don't think weaning is your answer but it sounds like you could use some support.
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    The first trimester is often exhausting even without an active toddler. Add a toddler to that mix and it's no wonder your tired beyond words with or without nursing. I really doubt that the continued nursing is the "cause" of your exhaustion so weaning would not likely help. Wouldn't you be upset if you weaned him only to find your energy levels hadn't changed? Have your iron levels checked and make sure you eating and drinking enough for two (or three).

    I was so tired during the first trimester that I was nearly in tears but I'm feeling much better now. It took me until around month 4 to actually feel more energized and now I feel great! I knew breastfeeding (for me) was not the reason I was so tired.

    I bought Floradix Liquid Iron Supplements (MUCH better absorbed than pills) and I've found that it has made a difference.



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    Its so hard to have a toddler in that first trimester! Iron is a good idea. Mothers often find they are less tired after the first trimester, so you are almost there.

    I remember laying on the couch feeling like I could just sleep the afternoon away! And thank goodness I was breastfeeding, because my toddler would happily nurse and nap next to me so I could rest a bit. I couldnt imagine trying to wean during that tired phase! Weaning really requires a lot of energy because you have to stay upright and keep the toddler distracted so much of the time.

    Dont worry, mama, we've all been there and it does get better!

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