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    Default Signature rules regarding advertising - please read!

    If you would like to include information regarding your business in your signature you must follow the guidlines for doing so.

    If you are a current PAID advertiser you may have an icon or animated link in your signature and you may also include 2 lines of text to share any details about your business like sales or promotions. You may advertise on the site for as little as $4 per month in the classifieds section. I have also given every member 10 FREE credits to get them started. You may purchase more credits through the classifieds system by using paypal.

    If you are NOT a current PAID advertiser then you may include a link only in your signature. There may be no description and it will be in the default text and size. You may not include icons or animated banner ads in your signature unless you choose to become a paid advertiser.

    I will give everyone until wednesday at midnight to either edit their signatures or become a paid advertiser. If you have not made the appropriate changes at this time I will delete your signature.

    All other signature rules still apply with respect to photo sizes etc.

    Thanks so much for supporting London Moms!!

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    ok, so maybe I'm just dense.. but if we use the credits to have featured ad, does that mean we get all the bells and whistles? Or just if we advertise directly on the site- on the side banner column?

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