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    Default Uploading photos and avatars

    These are common questions that are asked by new members wanting to upload photos to the site or add an avatar.

    To Create an Avatar (single left click only at all instructions) Thanks to Flower Angel for these!

    From the main menu, click on “User CP”
    A drop menu will appear, click “Edit Avatar”
    Select either “do not use an avatar”
    Option 1 – for more advanced users. To use this option you need an outside photo storage, ie. Photobucket. (
    Option 2 – click “browse”, this will normally open your “my pictures” folder. If not please browse to your photo gallery. Click the photo you want and then click “open” (bottom right corner of window). This should place the picture as your avatar. Click “save changes” at the bottom of the screen. You do not need to resize your photo as is has been enabled that resizing is not necessary.

    Try out these tips to help you get yourself all set up!
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