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    Talking Another Blonde Joke

    A blond, brunette, and red head were lost in the desert and with the incredible heat they were becoming very confused on what direction they had driven down or not. So, the brunette decided to take matters into her own hands and grabbed a bottle of water from the trunk of the car and began to walk North explaining that the water is in case she gets thirsty.

    The red head decided to follow suit and grabbed an apple from the cooler in the backseat and said she would walk South and said that the apple is in case she gets hungry.

    The blonde got out and started digging around in a tool box in the trunk and began to work on the removing the door. She finally got it (her friends were dumbfounded) and began dragging it shouting to her friends that she will walk East. Curiousity got to the brunette who asked the blonde what she was doing with the door.

    Annoyed at such a ridiculous question the blonde dropped the door and said "Hello... this is so if I get really hot, I can roll the window down!"
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    oh my gosh lol....................... thats all I have to say

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