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    Default G Diapers

    I think there was another thread about this , but I couldnt find it. My apologies. ANYWAY, I was wondering if anyone uses the G Diapers (flushable) and if so, are they good and worth buying (besides the environmental benefit?) I see they are not more than a pack of diapers for the re-fills and if they work I would love to get into them. They sell them at the health food store right down the street

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    I use them. I don't use them too often though, as I find they leak through at night (most disposable don't work on my boys at night either though). And I use cloth at home so they are used when we go out.
    I like them. They are smaller then cloth so you can actually fit clothes over top and don't have leaking issues (other then night as mentioned).

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    Default g diapers

    I was SOOO excited when I heard about these diapers and found they were available at a store nearby. ( I didnt want to have to order online) I rushed out and bought them that afternoon.
    I think they are a fantastic concept and great for those of us that can't use cloth. .. (yes I know I COULD, but we don't have a washer and dryer, and it would be too much to cart them to the laundromat, and to have to go that much more often.)

    BUT that being said... concept is FANTASTIC.. but they need some work. First my son is 25 months, and he hates them. He never wants to put them on, and doesn't have any problem about disposibles, I think it's because the insert is so bulky between his legs, it definetly looks less comfortable. Second.. as the other mom mentioned.. they leak at night. Every single night they leak, and leak a lot.. BUT so do the disposibles sometimes. What I've done recently is put one of the g diaper inserts into his nighttime pullup. It's WAY too bulky to put 2 liners in the g diapers, but the pullups are thin enough that it works great with a g liner, and haven't had a single tiny leak since! YAY! (and no complaints from my son!)

    I think the g diapers would be much more convienient and work much better for smaller babies, until they really start moving around. The liner inside tends to get bunched up, and stay that way.
    Also toddlers might be happier with them, if they were used to them from a young age - but being introduced to them now.. my son hates them.

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    I started them with my son just a few months ago and he is 26 months old! He loves them! He actually asks for the "blue diaper" that's what he calls them.

    I think they are great and although I don't use them at night or all the time I use them as much as possible and feel good about doing so!

    I love them!

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    I use them as well (not as often as I should), and love them. It makes me feel good to use them. That being said, I wish that the liners didn't get bunched up like they do. I've tried using regular cloth liners (kushies) and find that they leak, but if I double up the cloth liner I'm good to go for a couple hours! they definately don't have the absobency of a disposable, but we love them for hanging out around the house!

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