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    Default returning to school

    After reading the student mommy thread, I was just wondering if there were any "programs" through unemployment or something that offered financial assistance for parents who wish to return to school. The thought has crossed my mind a few times, but I just don't know how it can be done financially? It would mean only one of us working, plus bills, mortgage and then tutition and books etc. If it isn't too personal to do you manage?

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    I live off OSAP. LOL

    There's this
    but I've heard it's pretty much useless in most cases...

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    I only know of OSAP, and when I applied, I had too many assets in my name, and it screwed me over. I don't know how they base their rules, some people that really need the money dont get it, and others that have money get thousands and thousands of dollars. Its worth a shot to see what you would be able to get, if I remeber correctly, the website would give you an estimate, but I could be wrong, as I applied years ago.

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