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    Well, my youngest and I went to the high school last night and picked out her courses for September. After 3 going through the system you'd think it be easier. I know most of you are just getting the wee ones of into JrK and are finding it hard, you wait until they are teens and thinking about what they want to 'do when they grow up'. Work force? College? University? Like most kids at this age .... no clue and that is normal. Social life is way more important. Its only 4 (some are taking the 5) years which goes faster for us parents than the kids and then its.... leave the nest? Really? I heard that doesn't happen the way it did when I was 'young'. Even at their ages they are now, as a parent I just want them to succeed and be happy with their choices. Yes, once a parent, always a parent. Those feelings of sending the wee ones off to JrK resurface as they head off to high school. Prepare yourself now!

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    I so hear you. There is an age difference between mine due to a divorce. My oldest is going into grade 7 (oh my gosh) and I still have a 2 year old thats not going to school for another year. I can't believe next June that I'm going to be a mom to a teenager. Where does the time go!!!!

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