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    Talking BPA & Playtex.. My phone call.

    I called Playtex this morning. Holy hannah where they ever busy! I stayed on the line for approx 35 mins. I ended up speaking with a lady who wasn't very friendly.. which sorta sucked.. but anyhow..
    I inquired about Vent Aire bottles because these were what I was going to use with my LO. They have been pulled off the shelves because of the BPA but I asked if they would have any coming back out in stores that are BPA free by mid Aug.
    And they will not be.
    For those of you who were looking forward to having these bottles pop back up on the market any time soon... I was informed that they will not be sold in stores until after Dec this year.
    Playtex also could not comment if there would be a price increase for BPA free Vent Aire bottle systems.

    Just some info for those who like these particular baby bottles.
    Have a good day.

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    BPA Free bottles list:

    BPA free

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