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    Default So tired of being in chronic pain

    I don't mean to sound as though I am complaining but I have to be honest when I say I am really tired of being in chronic pain everyday and all day long. My back is sore sore sore! Having this damn Scoliosis, unlevel shoulders, pelvis and hips is taking a real toll on me physically and emotionally! I am in more and more pain with each passing day, it seems. I wish there was a bloody cure for this! My husband spent $4300 a few months ago to have me go for this newer procedure available in canada called Spinal Decompresson to get rif of my herniated disc (I had sciatica and butt pain on the right side for a couple of years) and it did do that and I no longer suffer from that but my mid back is in constant severe pain from my Scoliosis and I am sick to death of this! I feel if this continues I am going to find myself in a wheelchair soon I just have this terrible feeling that I am going to require back surgery (as in having my vertebrae fused together) at some point and lemme tell you, after having a terrible traumatic experience with a c-section over 4 years ago and having a very long healing period from that both physically and emotionally, i am not looking the least bit forward to that. My former Dr did make mention at some point in time he figured I would need that procedure done.
    I am 35 years old (yes, much older than many on here but still in the mid range I would say?) and I am still what I would like to believe as 'fairly young'. It is very difficult dealing with my 2 kids everyday being in this state and there is simply no one else who can help. My MIL works fulltime throughout the week, as does my husband and my own mother simply chooses to not be all that involved.
    I have been needing to take Ibuprofin pills a few times a day for a while now and I hate having to take them but they are the only thing that comes anywhere remotely close to helping relieve the pain a bit!
    I know there are many ppl worse off than me, so please don't think that I don't feel thankful each and everyday for being able to at least walk and do many other things but I will admit this is highly unfair. If only this has been caught when I was young and I could have worn a brace, perhaps I wouldn't be in this state today. Had I known I even had the Scoliosis I may have chosen to never have gotten pregnant because 2 pregnancies has definitely made it worse for me. It wasn't until after I had my 2nd son that I was sent for xrays of my back and it was found I have Scoliosis (moderate level-getting worse with time), narrowing of my spinal canal and degenerative disc disease. This is very very painful! Thank god I am not also still dealing with the herniated disc too!
    Anyhow, thanks for listening. I would love love love to be able to afford a hot tub right about now because I so know it would be very well used! The hot water would help relieve some of my pain at least, which would make things a bit more bearable for me.
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    Have you considered seeking out a pain management specialistr? They do exist and they do help. Ask your GP for a referral. Mine was through Parkwood hospital. I went to one for my fibromyalga.
    Good luck to you!
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    I'm so sorry, chronic pain is such an awful thing.

    I agree with PP. Might I also recommend a book for you? I'm an occupational therapist, and I've given this one to many of my clients with chronic pain and gotten great feedback. It's called "Managing Pain Before it Manages You" by Margaret Caudill. Very straightforward, and a lot of practical tools that you can try (tips, tricks, sample worksheets for pain diaries, etc.)

    Please feel free to PM if you want more info on other resources in the area.
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    Aww sorry to hear you have to deal with this I will pray for healing.

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    ah I wish I had some advice for you but you know my email sweety and Im here to listen any time

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    Hugs - I have empathy - having had a herniated disc in 1998 and relapses every few years and now been told that the discs around the original injury are deteriating as well

    Chronic pain is no fun and can have impacts on all areas of your life... if you let it... I agree with PP about seeing a pain management specialist...they can help you work wonders on findng 'non-medicated' ways of dealing with pain as well as the other negetive emotions that go along with 'pain and injury'. Before I went I was on the morhphine patch to manage my pain - partially because I refused to give up my work - but now I rarely have to take anything for pain...occassionaly a narcotic before bed to numb it to get me to sleep but nothing during my waking hours.

    I have found, personally, that my pain 'feels most unbearable' when I am emotionally drained and stressed due to something just seems to jump to the front of my mind ALL day every waking moment - but when I am happy and in a good state of mind I am much more equipped to cope - the pain is still there but I am focused on 'happy things' which for me is usually work.

    I hear you abour running after young kids with a bad back....I do not think I could do it 24/7 but I do home childcare now. I used to do large centre care but switched cause running around after 5 in my own home and my own pace is a walk in the park compared to running around after 8-12 preschoolers in a large licensed centre and going at the 'centres' pace non-stop.

    I know I am a fool but I just could not give up my career - even when the Dr told me I had too - but my motivation might be unique as I found out when I was 20 that I could never have kids of my own and so dedicated my life to being the best Early Childhood Educator I could be. I find that keeping my mind busy on having fun with other peoples little ones keeps it off of the pain - both from my back and those feelings of 'loss' that one never gets over... but everyone has a different pain management trigger that will work for them

    Please - definitely find help to deal with your pain - it is so worth it so that you have the energy and state of mind to live a full and rewarding life with your family!

    Feel strong soon!

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