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    My DS is having some issues in school. He is very bright all involved agree on this. Maybe even gifted tho no testing on this yet. Long waits. Does anyone have recommendations about where to go so that he can learn what the school calls self regulation. He gets bored in class and will walk around the class. He is still listening and answers on topic even when seemingly not paying attention. He gets very anxious when he thinks he is going to get in trouble for this walkingand will sometimes / rarely act out.but the behaviors seem to be increasing. so I guess I am asking where I can go so that even when bored / not interested he develops those skills to sit and do and to not get overly anxious when at school. He needs to learn not to act out and to redirect his frustration so that he doesn't get into further trouble which then heightens his anxiety and he has difficulty calming down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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