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    Default Baby Body Odour

    I've just noticed my baby has armpit odour! It smells like adult B.O. When I google this topic I get scared because it talks about hormone problems or metabolic diseases. Baby seems very healthy otherwise. I wash the armpits with soap and within an hour the smell is back. Has anyone's baby gone through this?

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    Is there a possibility that it is yeast? Yeast has a very distinct smell though that I would not normally attribute to B.O. My chunky babies would get yeast in all of their creases if I wasn't careful. It thrives in warm, moist and dark locations. You can try corn starch and keeping them dry or try some topical yeast cream if it was.
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    both my girls had stinky feet as babies. and they have showers or baths daily so no reason to stink but they did they are healthy.

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