I have high lipase in my milk so wanted to scald and freeze. It had been in fridge just from this morning and had collected the scum that it collects (fat maybe...not sure what that stuff is??!) anyways i had it on stove on low and forgot about it--doing too many things at once as always...baby was asleep so i was trying to be super mom!ha! anyways, when i looked at the milk it wasnt boiling, and i saw no bubbles...just a film on the top...looked like the film you get when you scald cow milk...but it might have just been the fat from my milk...i dont think it heated for too long..when i stick my hand in the milk about 10 min later it wasnt hardly warm but i did get more than just creamyness on my fingers...do you think this is safe to feed her?its still liquid...but has some some parts of pot that have the fatty stuff floating...maybe it didnt even get to the heating point... i think if it had truly scalded then it would be still hot for a while after... i just dont want to feed her milk that is half cooked! what should i do? its 100ml that i hate to waste.. it could have just been a fat layer on top of the pan when i looked bc there was no bubbles and it wasnt terribly hot....had it on 2 or 3 on my stove burner....should i feed instead of freezing? help!