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    Default Hello Moms!

    New to London, moved from the kitchener area. Just checking out this site and looking for local advice for kid activities and likely home reno contractor advice (can i get that here?!) I have a 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Have a great day everyone!

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    I do not have any house advice, but we have Storybook Gardens which is an outdoor play area in Byron area (West end of London) with a splash pad, climbers, sandbox with hoses, garden, mini-houses they can play in, and is also ice skating in the winter. It is perfect for 1-7 year olds and has daily cost, but is best to buy the year pass for $35 each (actually I think 2 year olds are free, so you would pay $70 for the 2 of you for the entire year).

    We also have a children's museum. We have many splash pads throughout London which are free and open 9am-9pm from late-May to early Sept. We also have outdoor pools which are cheap, and outdoor wade pools which are free.

    We also have Spectrum, (a Park&Rec program) which you can google and find the catalogue of activities for children and adults. Most children activities are fairly cheap - 8 weeks of basketball for about $25.

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