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Thread: playing with your kids

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    Question playing with your kids

    How many hours a day would you say you play with your young children? do you mostly let them play independently? Trying to find a better balance!

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    There isn't a set amount. I work on location from 8-4 and then have to work more hours at home, and recently I took an online course for work for 3 months. That means I may have to work all night some times. I try to work more at work or come straight home and work until 5, get dinner ready, then pick my youngest up from school program. This way I can spend more time with them after dinner.

    My youngest and I spend time at bedtime, read books, and sometimes play outside. My oldest and I watch tv shows together (he is in gr7 so he can watch most of the shows I watch). Today the 3 of us did a 100 piece puzzle and finished his lego.
    They spend a lot of time playing together (most of which is arguing). Weekends I try to get out to the park with them and go walking.

    I would love to spend a lot more time with them, but find it hard to do between work and having to clean the house after them.

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    Playing - like get down on my hands and knees and play games and cars and stuff? Not very much after the 2nd kid was old enough to be a built-in playmate.

    I don't mind board games and outdoor activities (soccer etc), but to get on the floor and play "pretend" or something similar - I'm not good at that and I feel no regrets about not being that kind of parent.
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