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    Default does your child want you to change their clothes?

    My DD of 6 years wants me to constantly change her clothes in the morning and at night (into her pjs). I try to talk to her to promote independence, or make some sort of agreement for her to change her clothes on her own (as her brother of 4 years does his on his own, but I don't say it to her about her brothers ability as not to be outwardly comparing between them), but then it usually boils down to me having to change her clothes in the end. Maybe I should embrace this time with her still being my little baby before she grows up and kicks me out of her room ? lol... or should I at 6 years be trying to instil responsibility and initiative in her to change her own clothes? I would usually lay out the clothes of choice for her to make things one step easier for her but she still wants me to change her, from her socks, unders, to her pants and shirt.....and then this leads to me helping her brush her teeth which I know I have to help her, but even that, she wants me to bring out the toothbrush and toothpaste and get it all started as well. Then when its time to go to school, she may even want me to put her shoes on- at times. Just curious if other kids are like this? I do help her, just that when time is strapped and im trying to get two kids ready for school and make lunch and breakfast, it would be nice if she did some things on her own to help out... ?

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    My 7 year old still wants me to sometimes. I don't mind. I figure it won't continue forever, she's not going to be 14 wanting mom to help her with her bra. So I just roll with it.
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    Yes. Before I couldn't help her at all, then she always needed help. Now she only needs me sometimes. She is 5.
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    My son was VERY dependent at age 2 and wanted to dress himself and show he could do it. He is now 5 and I know he can do all these things himself, but he is tired and argumentative in the morning so I have to dress him and dress him for bed. He is fine on weekends with dressing himself, and he often wakes up before me and watches tv and lets me sleep in.
    Because I know he CAN do these things and be independent I am ok with dressing him each morning and getting him to school and being dependent at sometimes.

    IF he wasn't independent at other times then I would be picking a fight over him doing things himself certain times.

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