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    Default Busy kids

    How busy do you keep your kids?

    We are YCMA members and the oldest does swimming lessons, silly science and karate, plus tennis on weekends.
    Youngest has swimming and ballet. She wants karate too, but not 4 yet.

    What do you do?
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    I couldn't hack that much stuff. Partly because I don't drive so things take longer for me to prepare for and get to, but also partly because I can't take that much
    scheduling. I like to go with the flow more, like if we feel like the park, go. If we feel like staying in our yard, stay. NOT saying your way is wrong, just I couldn't handle it,
    I can't stand being that busy let alone having to keep up with my kids being that busy.
    Right now my girls have Spectrum soccer once a week. In summer my son will have tennis for four days, and computer camp for seven.
    The kids might go to the free daycamp that is a drop in program at our school, when they feel like it. I usually make it arule they have to go like twice a week or something, uust
    to keep them social

    I like to have a lot of free time, I guess. Like in summer we spend probably two to four hours just playing in the pool. Marco Polo, volleyball, monkey in the middle, etc. Then there's parks, trampoline, bikes, scooters, visiting friends, etc.

    Perhaps if you think a third thing is too much you could say wait until one of the others is done for the season?
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    I let my kids lead for the most part.... and then pull them back just a little. I have 2 kids and they both take piano lessons, 30 min/week plus 10-15min practice/day. My DD (age 9) dances competitively 9hrs/week (we cut back her offer until we arrived at that number of hours). She used to play baseball in the summer, but dropped it and now does a little extra tumbling in the summer instead (and summer dance is only 4 or 5 hrs/week). My DS (age 7) plays house league hockey twice a week, and used to play soccer in the summer but spontaneously decided to sit this season out. We're fine with that and will fill the extra time with family bike rides, mini golf, picnics, etc.

    My son is currently looking for a summer basketball league, and if we find one that fits his and our needs, we may sign him up.... or not... I'll give him the option.

    I know our schedule sounds busy... and it is, but my daughter might *die* (insert extreme drama here) if I didn't let her dance! LOL

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