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    Default Opt out of weighing at the OB?

    Has anyone opted out of being weighed at your OB appointments at LHSC? Is it a must? I know it's optional with many midwives, but what about OBs? I'm with Maruncic (sp?)

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    I can't see how they could force you? Possibly though they may want to monitor weight and might not want to treat you if you refuse. Could you just ask that they not tell you
    the weight, and you could close your eyes, if it's knowing that bothers you?
    Or, if you're sensitive to comments, tell them that. When I was pregnant with my first our ob office had a nasty nurse who did the weigh ins. She was SO mean. She made snide remarks on my weight, my age, that I wasn't married, that I was available in daytime for appointments so must be jobless...just a total jerk.
    So with my second child I came right out and said I want this to be a positive place, and happy experience. Note whatever you need to but please don't say out loud anything that isn't medically necessary, unless it's a positive thing. They understood and obliged.
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    I think it would be hard to say no only because the nurse does it before you are even in the office. You can ask but be prepared for them to say no. I was with midwives with my last 2 and I did weigh in most weeks with my middle but my last they didn't even ask until I was around 20 weeks.

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    I know with the midwifes I "self reported" with my last (never weighed by the midwifes). With my middle I did weights 3x. She was a vbac however, and they did want an accurate weight near the end of my pregnancy incase of an emergency c-section.

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