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    Default what time to put kids to bed?

    with a 4 and 6 year old, what is the best time to put kids to bed? I try no later than 8 pm, would love it if I could have them in bed and miraculously sleeping by 7:30pm but most times it is hard to hit the time frame and have them out sleeping by those times. sometimes it isn't dark out so the kids especially the younger one gets upset that it is still bright out. The older one thankfully is learning about the time in school, and I can soon incorporate the 'time' with her understanding when bedtime is. But in the meantime it is a bit of a struggle to get them to bed on time as they obviously fight to stay up.
    What time do you think is appropriate to have kids in bed by when they are 4 and 6 years old? And how do you manage if they have after school activities/homework/bath time/dinner time etc?
    Any advice for sending kids off to bed?? Thanks

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    My girls are close to the same ages (3.5 and almost 6). We have yogurt for a bedtime snack at 6:45, upstairs after to brush teeth and get jammies on. We are usually starting to read by 7 or 5 after. Light is off at 7:20 or so and they are sleeping (or at least the youngest is) by 7:30.

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    mine go to bed by 8 most nights. very rarely after and we pay for that the next day 7 and 4.5

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    7 pm. we have black out curtains. Kids are 2.5 and 4. We eat dinner at 6, bath, play and then read and then brush teeth and bed. They are asleep by 7:30.

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    Depends how well they're playing. Often my girls start to really have fun together just when I'd like to be saying it's time to clean up for bedtime. So if there's no really pressing reasong to get to bed, like no test the next day or early morning for an appointment, I let them play more.
    Generally speaking though I like my 4 year old in bed by 8, and the 8 by 8:30, and the 12 year old in bed by 10.
    8 year old reads while I am putting younger to bed, because of course we do songs and stories. Then I go in and read a chapter book with my middle child.
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